Established at 1994, today Istok-Audio Group is a leader in Russia and CIS countries in development, production and supply of rehabilitation and medical equipment. Currently, the company's engineers are working on the creation of more than 50 brand new products. New business areas development and innovative projects implementation enabled by unique capabilities of the Company:

  • powerful production base;
  • high scientific capacity;
  • years of experience;
  • 3D modeling laboratory;
  • cooperation with the world's leading manufacturing partners;
  • access to the latest technologies and to the world best practices in development of technical means of rehabilitation;
  • stable financial position;
  • government Support.

Our Mission

Our Mission to provide world class rehabilitation solutions for individuals with disabilities to improve their life quality and social position.

Our Principles

Reliability and honesty

We take responsibility for each project. Reliability and Honesty principle is the base in our relationship with partners and clients. We always fulfill our obligations in time and in full.

Quality in everything we do!

Quality products and service insure the leading position at Russian market.


By developing new solutions and adjusting best practices we are bringing new perspective to people with limited abilities, improving their life quality and social integration level.


By continuously maintaining high level of competence among the employees Istok-Audio Group is able to address each project with due care and professionalism, regardless its scale and complexity.

Consumer Focus and Individual Approach

By evaluating client needs, preferences and peculiarities, we propose optimal individual solutions and insure stable competitive advantage.

Business and Fact figures:
  • Holds 1st place in Russia among companies to provide rehabilitation equipment to citizens.
  • Resident of special economic zone.
  • Complied with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485-2011.
  • Supplier of rehabilitation equipment for socially unprotected citizens in accordance with State programs across Russia.
  • Main executor of Government program Accessible environment.
  • More than 500 partners representing Istok-Audio Group products at Russian market.
  • Owns more than 200 centers of good hearing, visited by more than 250 000 people annually.

Key Dates (could be added as link)

2017 Istok-Audio Group became a participant in initiative Diagnostics of efficiency of Russian companies, realized in accordance with Russian-Japanese Memorandum of Cooperation. In partnership with Oticon Medical Otoprom enterprise founded to localize production of cochlear implant systems.

2016 First official pediatric center of good hearing Raduga Zvukov, certified in accordance international standards of the Phonak company. First Russian 16-channel digital programmed hearing aid Bagira PRO developed. Istok-Audio Group became first official distributor of Tobii Dynavox, Swedish manufacturer of eye-tracking, alternative and augmentative communication technologies.

2015 Facial prosthesis business area founded.

2013 Istok-Audio Group became co-executor of Federal tender of state program Accessible environment, supplying equipment for people with limited mobility to 83 Russian regions and developing import substitutions. Tactile product manufacturing started. Proceeding with state program Accessible Environment company provide complex solutions for inclusive education.

2012 3D modeling laboratory of individual earplugs and premium class ITE hearing aids was created.

2011 Equipment for blind and visually impaired business area was founded, to supply equipment from foreign and Russia manufactories for blind and visually impaired. Accessible environment online store was opened.

2008 Co-executor of Federal program neonatal audiological screening of newborns. Accessible environment business area was formed to meet requirements of people with different disability categories.

2007 Tosha&Co center was founded for rehabilitation after Cochlear implantation.

2003 ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

2002 Implantable Hearing Systems business area created to provide complex support to the State Program for Cochlear Implantation and bond conduction hearing aid.

1996 First center of good hearing Raduga Zvukov opened in Russia, which laid the foundation of the largest network in Russia.

1995 The serial production of the first hearing aid (Sonata Y-01) has begun in accordance with world quality standards.

1994 Istok-Audio Group establishment.

Group of companies Istok-Audio