Established at 1994, today Istok-Audio Group is a leader in Russia and CIS countries in development, production and supply of rehabilitation and medical equipment. Currently, the company's engineers are working on the creation of more than 50 brand new products.

New business areas' development and innovative projects implementation enabled by unique capabilities of the Company:

  • Powerful production base
  • High scientific capacity
  • Years of experience
  • 3D modeling laboratory
  • Cooperation with the world's leading manufacturing partners
  • Access to the latest technologies and to the world best practices in development of technical means of rehabilitation
  • Stable financial position
  • Government support

Our Mission is to provide world class rehabilitation solutions for individuals with disabilities to improve their life quality and social position.

Company Principles

  • Reliability and honesty

We take responsibility for each project. Reliability and Honesty principle is the base in our relationship with partners and clients. We always fulfill our obligations on time and in full.

  • Quality in everything we do!

Quality products and service ensure the leading position at Russian market

  • Innovation

By developing new solutions and adjusting best practices we are bringing new perspective to people with disabilities, improving their life quality and social integration level.

  • Professional attitude

By continuously maintaining high level of competence among the employees Istok-Audio Group is able to address each project with due care and professionalism, regardless its scale and complexity.

  • Consumer Focus and Individual Approach

By evaluating client needs, preferences and peculiarities, we offer optimal individual solutions and ensure stable competitive advantage.

Our Products

Hearing Aids

The portfolio of Istok-Audio Group includes more than 80 modern high-tech models of hearing aids from economy to premium class. the developments of Istok-Audio Group are in demand at domestic market and have export potential.

Portfolio includes models for children.

3D modelling laboratory produces individual earplugs and customized in-the-ear hearing aids.

Audiometric Equipment

Istok-Audio is a leading audiometric equipment supplier. We offer highly professional and customized audiometric equipment, which enables to conduct:

  • Audiometers and Impedansometers (tympanometers)
  • The optoacoustic emission registration system (audiological screening)
  • Diagnosis of the vestibular apparatus (Videonystagmography)
  • Sound-proof cabins

Currently, more than 6 000 children's medical institutions, including maternity hospitals together with 70 of ENT offices and audiological centers equipped with objective diagnostics equipment under the state hearing program of neonatal audiological screening of newborns.

Rehabilitation equipment

The use of professional and household rehabilitation equipment produced by Istok-Audio Group allows to make the life of hearing impaired people more comfortable.

  • Induction systems are designed for wireless transmission of audio information to the hearing aid
  • Universal digital vibration and light systems allow to create a comfortable and safe environment at home
  • FM systems are widely used in communication with hearing impaired people
  • Sound-amplifying wired equipment designed for classes with hearing impaired children
  • Acoustic systems are designed for use in educational and specialized educational institutions, at lecture rooms and halls

Since 2010, Istok-Audio Group specialists comprehensively equipped more than 10 000 institutions of social, transport, educational, engineering infrastructure, creating accessibility for people with disabilities.

Equipment for Visually impaired people

Istok-Audio Group offers a wide range of products for rehabilitation and daily life of visually impaired people of all ages:

  • Allow to spend free time interestingly
  • Create a comfortable and safe environment
  • Help in everyday life, at study and work
  • Develop abilities and skills

Eye Tracking

Istok-Audio Group opened an innovative technology of eye-tracking for Russia.

  • Multifunctional devices are the most effective means of alternative and augmentative communication
  • Enable people with disabilities to communicate, learn, work
  • Open new opportunities for completely immobilized people.

The external prosthesis

Istok-Audio Group carries out a rehabilitation program for patients with craniofacial defects. The Protez-Studio laboratory creates high-quality individual esthetic external prosthesis with the help of unique technology. It allows effectively compensate the defects of the face and fingers.

Hearing aids implantable systems

Otoprom is a joint project of Istok-Audio Group, the Danish William Demant holding and the Oticon Medical Company. The company represents high-tech Neuro cochlear implant systems and Ponto bone conduction hearing aids in Russia and provides comprehensive support for cochlear implant and bone conduction devices implantation programs: supply of systems and accessories, maintenance, marketing support, specialists trainings.