audiological screening of newborns   More than 6 000 childs hospitals (including perinatal centers), 70 otorhinolaryngological and hearing centers are equipped with devices for objective hearing diagnostics according to program of neonatal audiological screening of newborns.
  unique rehabilitation after cochlear implantation center   More than 1 000 people went through rehabilitation after cochlear implantation in unique center Tosha&. Center is using unique techniques and innovative educational approaches, allowing complete rehabilitation after implantation.
  job placement of deafblind people   Project Sozertsanie together with Fund of support for deafblind people So-edinenie aimed on working places creation for deafblind people (making souvenirs products and assistance in its realization).
  magazine Raduga Zvukov   Specialized magazine Raduga Zvukov addressed to specialists and wide range of readers. Highlighting questions on audiology, hearing aid, correction pedagogics, social defense and accessible environment.
  creative contests   Annual creative contests for hearing and visually impaired kids and teenagers.