As World best practices shows, complex approach is the only effective way to enable accessibility of environment for disabled people.
Having a large variety of products and huge experience in the area Istok-Audio Group offers a complex approach to create an accessible environment in a buildings and social facilities, attended by customers with disabilities:

  • libraries;
  • theatres and museums;
  • social institutions (e.g., centers of social services);
  • sports complexes and stadiums;
  • banks, etc.

Proposed modernization designed individually, based on architectural peculiarities and requirements of disabled groups. Modernization enables visits in wheelchairs, hearing and visually impaired families with young children.

Istok-Audio Group offers comprehensive solutions to educational institutions enabling the possibility of students co-education both with and without special needs. Solutions include:

  • Equipment for educational facilities and individual means of adaptation for students with disabilities;
  • Equipment for building, territory and other places in accordance with state program Accessible environment.

Offered solutions developed comply with requirements of the following customers categories:

  • Pre-school, General, Vocational, High and Complementary educational institutions;
  • Correctional educational institutions;
  • Refresher training institutions, training and educational centers of any profile.

Complex solutions provide:

  • Involving students with special needs in inclusive or integrated educational systems;
  • Opportunity for adaptation, development and rehabilitation of disabled students;
  • Comfortable working conditions, teachers load reduction.