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Since 1994 Istok Audio sequentially develops the net of retail hearing aid centers. In these centers hearing impaired persons can get qualified help and most modern service. Today the net of Raduga Zvukov centers is the biggest one in Russia and Europe.

200 hearing aid centers in Russia

43 hearing aid centers in Moscow and Moscow Region

12 centers Raduga Zvukov in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region

18 centers Raduga Zvukov in Kazakhstan

>50 Russian hearing aid centers Raduga Zvukov, which work as franchises.

>250 partners, realizing the products of Istok Audio Group in their own hearing aid centers.

>60 000 units of rehabilitation devices are supplied every year according to state programs to socially unprotected citizens in all regions of Russia

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  • World standarts of quality in assisting hearing and visually impaired persons.

  • Many years' experience in hearing aid fitting.

  • Wich range of high-tech rehabilitation equipment and tying products.

  • Hearing aid centers are always close to their clients!

Istok Audio Group holds 1st place in Russia among companies who provide rehabilitation equipment to citizens