ISTOK-AUDIO INTERNATIONAL the biggest Russian developer and manufacturer of analogue and digital hearing aids.

The company holds the leading position among Russian enterprises specialized on surdoacoustic equipment manufacturing.

The companys quality management system is certified according to international standards ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

Istok-Audio International production area has 10 divisions:

  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids manufacture division;
  • Modules and units manufacture division;
  • 66 models of hearing aids: 46 models of our own construction and 20 models by license. We are producing all the types of hearing aids which exist on market:
    • Analog hearing aids with linear amplification;
    • Analog hearing aids with automatic amplification adjustment system;
    • Digital programmed hearing aids;
    • Digital trimmer hearing aids;
    • Digital programmed trimmer hearing aids.
  • Inside-the-ear hearing aids manufacture division;
  • ITE division produces inside-the-ear hearing aids, ear tip plugs for outside-the-ear hearing aids. There are three 3D printers and one 3D scanner.
  • Rehabilitation equipment manufacture division;
  • Rehabilitation equipment and telecoils manufacture division;
  • Relief treatment division;
  • Department of technical control;
  • Mechanical treatment division.

Hearing aids

Istok Audio Groups portfolio contains more than 80 models of modern high-tech hearing aids from economy to premium class. Developments of Istok Audios engineers are demanded not only on Russian market, but also as well have an export potential.

  • - We produce special models of hearing aids for children
  • - The unique lab of 3D modeling of individual earplugs and ITE hearing aids cases is functioning.

Equipment for visually impaired persons

Istok Audio Group offers a large amount of goods for rehabilitation and everyday life of blind and hearing impaired persons of all ages.

The unique devices:

  • - make orienting in space more free
  • - create comfort and safe environment
  • - help to work and study
  • - develop abilities and skills
  • - help to organize spare time

Rehabilitation equipment

The use of professional and home rehabilitation equipment produced by Istok Audio Group makes life of deaf and hearing impaired persons maximal comfortable.

  • - FM-systems are widely used for building of communication connections for hearing impaired persons
  • - Acoustic systems are created for use in educational and specialized institutions, lecture rooms and halls
  • - Sound amplification wired equipment is intended for holding classes with deaf and hearing impaired children
  • - Universal digital light vibration systems help to create at home comfortable and safe environment.

Istok Audio is the leader in the field of supplying of audiometric equipment.

We offer:

  • Audiometers and tympanometers
  • System of otoacoustic emissions registration (audiological screening)
  • Diagnostics of vestibular apparatus (video nystagmography)
  • Soundproof audiometric booths

Induction systems are intended for wireless transfer of audio information into heating aid with telecoil by the means of electromagnetic induction.

These systems are used in places with heightened level of background noise and reverberation

Since 2010 Istok Audio Group has all-inclusively equipped more than 7000 institutions of social, transport and engineering infrastructure. Thus the conditions for universal accessibility for persons of all categories of disability were created.