Accessible environment

Istok-Audio offers a comprehensible approach to creating barrier-free environment for disabled people with the help of up-to-date technical rehabilitation solutions. The implementation of this approach creates special conditions for improving such peoples quality of life. Istok-Audio has considerably expanded its product range making it possible to implement the comprehensive approach to the problems of the disabled and therefore to make their life easier and safer.

  • Equipping of organizations and infrastructure objects with special solutions for different categories of citizens: for people with impaired hearing and sight as well as for physically challenged population groups. Wheelchair ramps, lifts for disabled people, information plates, induction systems;

  • Products for setting security systems in the houses of elderly and disabled people who cant call out for help themselves. Alarm button, call button, sound-and-light informer, acoustic beacon;

  • Products simplifying elderly and bed patients care or helping them to serve themselves. Walking frames, crutches, walking-sticks and handrails, lifts for disabled people.

Since 2010 Istok Audio Group has all-inclusively equipped more than 7000 institutions of social, transport and engineering infrastructure. Thus the conditions for universal accessibility for persons of all categories of disability were created.

Our project

* Induction systems are intended for wireless transfer of audio information into heating aid with telecoil by the means of electromagnetic induction. These systems are used in places with heightened level of background noise and reverberation

Online store Accessible environment

Its the unique project aimed for helping disabled people (hearing, visially impaired or with motion system problems) with selecting of essentials and rehabilitation means.

The store provides different interesting and useful devices and accessories suitable for blind, visually-impaired, deaf and hearing-impaired people as well as for elderly and handicapped people.


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