Rehabilitation equipment

The use of professional and home rehabilitation equipment produced by Istok-Audio Group makes life of deaf and hearing impaired persons maximal comfortable.

  • FM-systems are widely used for building of communication connections for hearing impaired persons

  • Acoustic systems are created for use in educational and specialized institutions, lecture rooms and halls

  • Sound amplification wired equipment is intended for holding classes with deaf and hearing impaired children

  • Universal digital light vibration systems help to create at home comfortable and safe environment.

pulsar - Universal digital light vibration systems


The company provides the following groups of citizens with the different rehabilitation means:

  • Hearing impaired (hearing impaired and deaf)
  • Visually impaired (visially impaired and blind)
  • People with locomotion system problems and with limited mobility (infants, pregnant women, aged people etc.)
  • People which have needs in preventive measures of chronic diseases and disability.

Social and household adaptation solutions


To make everyday life comfortable for deaf and hearing-impaired people, the company’s experts have created various technical devices represented by unique systems intended for adaptation to surrounding sounds.

Pulsar, the digital vibrating and flashing signaling device, is the unique system for informing people of different household signals. It spans all the advantages of innovative digital technologies and wireless connection and includes the Ogonek flashing indicator informing a person of different telephone and doorphone calls; telephone devices with an integrated sound amplifier; various models of clocks with flashing signals and vibration; behind-the-ear inductor offering new communication opportunities for people with impaired hearing.

Sound amplifying equipment

Sound amplifying equipment

Istok-Audio offers a wide range of sound amplifying equipment for individual and collective use. This equipment, as well as FM-devices, simplifies communication in different acoustic situations, helps to eliminate the negative influence of distance, echo and surrounding noise, provides clear and loud sounding of voice signals. The optimal combination of wired and wireless communication meets all individual hearing needs of students. The Sonet audioclass and computer audioclass systems make it possible to optimally control the learning process, to use various operating models and to hold different forms of classes.

The Sonet-PC FM system improves the outcoming signal quality therefore providing device utilization in places with high noise level, while the Solo hearing and speech training device is intended for individual speech training with a child.