Medical equipment

Istok Audio is the leader in the field of supplying of audiometric equipment.

We offer:

  • Audiometers and tympanometers.

  • System of otoacoustic emissions registration (audiological screening).

  • Diagnostics of vestibular apparatus (video nystagmography).

  • Soundproof audiometric booths.

Audiometric equipmentAudiometric equipment

Istok-Audio offers the products of such companies as Otometrics and Interacoustics (Denmark) for complex hearing examination of children and adults: diagnostic and clinical audiometers, newborn screening systems.

The Kolibri sound reacting test system manufactured by Istok-Audio helps to conduct hearing examination of children in a free sound field.

Hearing protection chambers and booths for diagnostic cabinets ensure high levels of noise insulation, provide different configuration variants for specific research types and are compatible with all kinds of audiometers.


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